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Work in Progress…

Knöchelmann M: Authorship and Publishing in the Humanities. Monograph, accepted at Cambridge University Press, to be published in Autumn 2023.

Knöchelmann M & Schendzielorz C: Writing in the Sciences:
Scientists as Writers, Scientific Writing, and the Persuasive Story. Preprint: 

Knöchelmann M: Herausgeberschaft und Verantwortung: Über die Un-/Abhängigkeit wissenschaftlicher Fachzeitschriften.

Knöchelmann M: Science In Formation: The Indexed Scientist and the Inaccessibility of Scientific Information. Invited contribution to an edited volume, to be published  with De Gruyter in Autumn 2023.

Knöchelmann M: Meaning and Meaning-Making: Culture and Cultural Production.

Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals

Knöchelmann M, Hesselmann F, Reinhart M and Schendzielorz C (2022): The Rise of the Guest Editor—Discontinuities of Editorship in Scholarly Publishing. In Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics 6. Online at:

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2021): Systemimmanenz und Transformation: Die Bibliothek der Zukunft als lokale Verwalterin? In Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis 45 (1). Online at:

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2021): The Democratisation Myth: Open Access and the Solidification of Epistemic Injustices. In Science and Technology Studies 34 (2). Online at:

Tennant, Jonathan, et al.: A Tale of Two ‘opens’: Intersections Between Free and Open Source Software and Open Scholarship. SocArXiv. DOI: 10.31235/

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2019): Open Science in the Humanities, or: Open Humanities? In Publications 7 (4), DOI: 10.3390/publications7040065.

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2017): Open Access Book Publishing and the Prisoner’s Dilemma. In BOOC | UCL Press. DOI: 10.14324/111.9781911307679.11.


Selected Other Articles

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2021): Unknown Shibboleth: On the Opacity of Gatekeeping. In Verfassungsblog. Online at:

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2021): Die Stunde der Vermittler. In Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (114). Online at:

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2020): Open Humanities: Why Open Science in the Humanities is not Enough. In LSE Impact Blog. Online at

Grund, Martin; Knöchelmann, Marcel; Mann, Martin; Specht, Jule (2019): 100 Prozent Bezahlung für 100 Prozent Leistung. In Jan-Martin Wiarda Blog. Online at

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2019): Traditionelles Denken behindert Open Access. In Forschung & Lehre. Online at

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2019): The Open Research Library: Centralisation without Openness. In LSE Impact Blog. Online at

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2019): Plan S, falsch gedacht – eine Replik. Im ZEIT CHANCEN Brief 04.04.2019.

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2019): Wissenschaft verantwortet Gesellschaft verantwortet Wissenschaft. In Wissenschaftsforum der Sozialdemokratie. Online at

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2019): Pay to Publish Open Access: On the DEAL-Wiley Agreement. In Elephant in the Lab. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2545583.

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2018): Library Publishing, or How to Make Use of Your Opportunities. Online at

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2018): Don’t Take Openness as a Good on its Own—Equality Is. In OpenUP Hub. Online at

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2018): Open access book publishing should be community-focused and aim to let diversity thrive, not be driven by a free market paradigm. In LSE Impact Blog. Online at

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2014): XML im Publikationsprozess: Veränderte Publikationsprozesse durch medienneutrale Inhaltslagerung mit XML im Bereich Sach- und Fachliteratur.

Knöchelmann, Marcel (2014): Disruptive Innovation als Erfolgsfaktor am Beispiel Amazon.


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